Let go of your smartphone, drive into nature!

Mine is blessed with beautiful nature and perfect for outdoor activities! Especially in the signature place Akiyoshidai Plateau, everyone can safely enjoy many different kinds of outdoor activities and sports.

Cave Walk

The country’s largest karst plateau Akiyoshidai holds 453 caves underneath. Three caves among them are open to the public, that is; Akiyoshidō, Kagekiyodō, and Taishōdō. No specific equipment and skills are required for these three caves.

Walking and running

Akiyoshidai is absolutely a great walking/running site for you! You will merge into the nature that changes its colors with season and time. Please have an SNS-detox/tech-detox time in the nature that has no Wi-Fi and even cell phone signals.

Akiyoshidai Plateau is conserved as a quasi-national park. Please refrain from picking/catching stones, plants, and animals.

Fee Free of charge
Equipment -Put on shoes suitable for walking/running unpaved trails
-Prepare shading devices (eg. hat, sunglasses, sunscreen) and a rain jacket as you will not find shades!
-Long sleeves and long pants are recommended.
-Bring your drinks. There are no vending machines or shops except in the parking areas.
MODEL COURSE FOR WALKING -See the five courses here. The information about parking lots and restrooms also included.
-Estimated time varies from 1 hour to 3 hours.
MODEL COURSE FOR RUNNING See the three courses here. The information about parking lots and restrooms also included.


How about cycling on Akiyoshidai or in whole Mine city? Tourist Information Center and a souvenir shop/restaurant Seifū-en have bicycle rental services. You can rent it the whole day at reasonable prices. Bringing your own bicycle is a good idea as well. There are some cycle aids within the city for all cyclists.

Bicycle rental

WHERE TO RENT/RETURN -Cycle station at the tourist information center and Seifū-en.
-You can return the bicycle at either cycle station.
TYPES OF BICYCLES & RENTAL FEE -Cross bike: ¥1,000/Day
-Power-assisted cross bike: ¥2,000/Day
-Power-assisted mountain bike: ¥2,000/Day
HOW TO RENT -Come to the information counter and show your ID.
-Fill out the application form.
-Make an advance payment (cash only) and go!
-Tourists may reserve bicycles. Download application form from here and send it to
CONDITIONS OF USE Cross bike: for those whose heights are 163cm and taller
Power-assisted cross bike (Small): 150cm and taller
Power-assisted cross bike (Large): 160 cm and taller

Power-assisted mountain bike: 157 cm and taller

-Each bicycle is lent out with a helmet.
-All the bicycles are registered for theft prevention and covered with accident insurance


For more courses

INQUIRY Tourist information center (Japanese, English, Chinese)

Driving & motorcycling

Karst Road is the must if you come here by car or motorcycle. Karst Road is the way through Akiyoshidai Plateau. You will drive/ride the 10km road being surrounded with a 360-degree panorama of grassland and limestones.
Wild animals such as hares, badgers, raccoons, boar, deer may jump into the road. Please be cautious about them.

Please find the parking lots and gas stations here.


We believe that Akiyoshidai is one of the loveliest places for Yoga in Japan! You will be deeply relaxed as you will see no human-made stuff like electric wire but just the sky and the earth. Especially, the morning time in spring and autumn is awesome! Park and walk to the best point with your yoga mat and favorite drink.

Recommended spots: Kitayama, Just below the top of Kan-muri-Yama, Chōja-ga-mori, Mito Viewing Spot

Parking: Chōa-ga-mori parking (Free of charge)


There are two camping sites within the Akiyoshidai area. One is Akiyoshidai Family Trip Village near from Akiyoshidō. Another is Akiyoshidai Refresh Park. Various forms of camping such as auto-camp and log houses are available at both sites. Additionally, Akiyoshidai Family Trip Village offers different kinds of outdoor classes: woodcraft, ponpora meshi cooking (cooking rice in bamboo tubes), soba (buckwheat) noodle cooking, pizza making (reservation is required).

Botanical observation

The most prominent plant observation guide Ms. Nakazawa have identified 1541 species of flowers in Akiyoshidai Plateau (at the end of 2018). Aside from enjoying the grand scenery of Akiyoshidai, finding pretty little flowers at your feet also heals you. (Please refrain from picking flowers no matter how lovely they are. They are subjected to protection by law).
And Akiyoshi-dai Museum of Natural History shares information about the flowers on Twitter (@akihaku_amnh , Japanese only).

Star watching

What about a night in Akiyoshidai? Neither street lights nor building will disturb your view up the sky. We recommend that you park and walk to the spot far from the road with your flashlight so that your eyes will not be dazzled by headlights.

Recommended spots: Kitayama, Just below the top of Kan-muri-Yama, Chōja-ga-mori, Mito Viewing Spot

Parking: Chōa-ga-mori parking (Free of charge)