Blessings from the mountains: fruits, veggies, mushrooms, and wagyu


Mine city is a mine of food from mountains: seasonal Japanese pears and blueberries, vegetables such as gobō (burdock root), shiitake mushroom and rainbow trout which is quite rare in Japan. We also have native wagyu “Akiyoshidai highland beef” and “Kajioka beef”. Akiyoshidai highland beef is lean and Kajioka beef is more marbled. Both farms grow cows healthily in environment-friendly ways. Go to Nagato and Hagi, our neighboring cities if you want to enjoy fresh seafood.
It is hard to find food for those who have dietary restrictions. Noodle soup such as udon or soba would be the choice for pescatarians (the broth contains dried fish). If you have any dietary restriction, please try to communicate with the restaurant staff utilizing language assistance tools such as VoiceTra or Yamaguchi Call Center.
You will see the word “kappa soba” quite often in this section. Kappa soba is named after the kappa, which is a widely-known water imp in Japan. There is folklore about a Buddhist monk and a kappa in this area.