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Akiyoshidō Bus Terminal should be the starting point of sightseeing for public transportation users. There is a bus ticket booth (accepts cash only) at the tourist information center adjacent to the terminal. English and Chinese speaking staff are available there. As for other languages, we serve you utilizing language assistance tools. It takes 5 minutes to walk to the main entrance of Akiyoshidō cave from the terminal. * “Akiyoshidō” in this section means Akiyoshidō Bus Terminal.

Bus: How to pay the bus fare

●The buses that arrive and depart within Mine city accept cash, ticket purchased in advance, or prepaid bus cards (bus pass will be referred to later).
●Get on the bus from the door in the middle and pick up a numbered paper ticket from the dispenser on the right side of the step. And then find the same number and the price on the electric fare table in front. Prepare the exact amount and put it into the box next to the driver when you get off. Use the exchange machine built in the box if you do not have the exact amount.
●Bus ticket are available at some vending machines and the bus terminals including our tourist information center.Please add the deficient amount with cash.

Bus: About bus pass

There are 2 kinds of bus passes acceptable here in Mine.

Coverage Details
Japan Rail Pass JR buses only See more
Yamaguchi Bus Pass Most buses
(There are few exceptions. )
See more

*We sell neither passes.


Taxi is very convenient since the tourist sites are scattered all over the city and the number of buses is limited. Few taxis stay at the tourist information center and Kurotani entrance of Akiyoshidō. Please ask the counter if there is no taxi around.


Every tourist site has a parking lot. As for the public ones, 1st and 2nd parking lots near Akiyoshidō cave cost ¥500/day and others are free of charge. As for car rental service, we recommend you to find the one around Shin-Yamaguchi station or Yamaguchi Ube Airport.
See the map below.


We are sorry that there are no ATMs in the tourist area. Please prepare cash in advance.There are three ATMs nearby in a 5 to 10 min driving distance.
See the map below.